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"The greatest act of rebellion today is to be a true gentleman".

All it takes is a moment of bravery.

The courage to wear what you actually want to on any given day, without comparing it to your peers or the latest fad.

I wore my dad’s paisley bow tie to work one day, just as he had in his 30s, simply because I loved it and it held so many memories for me. I had felt nervous as it was not what everyone was wearing and most people only wear a bow tie to a wedding or a glitzy dinner. However I loved the look it gave me and I didn’t want to take it off. This is where it started.

Everywhere I went that day I was complimented by complete strangers on how much they loved my bow tie and that they wished more people would wear one. I also found it incredibly practical. The wind didn’t blow it into my face as my tie often did and I felt more at ease (and didn’t have to worry about dropping food down my tie!). The problem with my new found passion was that there was too many mass produced bow ties and they all lacked that something special, the care and the quality of my dad’s bow tie. My wife, an avid crafty person, decided she would try and create a bow exactly how I wanted and after many attempts, it was perfect. A perfect, British handmade bow tie.

The compliments rolled in and others asked me where they could get one and I realised that there was a wish for men to look and feel like the gentlemen they are.

Through trial and error and a lot of had work, Society Gent was created to meet the needs of more discerning gents. Those who care about their own brand of styling and a love of unique, handmade items of a luxury quality whilst supporting growing UK businesses.

As our statement luxury bow ties became ever more popular the range of accessories we offer grew to include ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and tie pins. Within a year Society Gent was featured in a special 30th Edition of GQ magazine and our products have shipped to all corners of the world!

Now, still based in West Yorkshire, we have a worldwide customer base with many repeat customers who love the difference they see in their products from those mass produced. Our clients tell us that they are hooked and that they’ve never felt better and more confident and love being able to wear exactly what they want.

Give it a go and see for yourself, even if it’s just to a wedding. But once you have tried a handmade, luxurious, quality accessory I think you’ll never compromise again.

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 My dad. Where the story started.


Stephen Symington, Society Gent.